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Celtic Cross T-Shirt


Y Groes Geltaidd - The Celtic Cross predates Christianity, with the oldest example from 10,000 BC, and is often associated with the Tree of Life. The first cross symbols probably represented the sun. In the megalithic and Celtic age, the sun was considered to be the divine center of the cosmos. The circle represents the whole, the encircling spirit, an all-embracing essence of light. Early Christianity took root in the fertile beliefs of the Celtic culture. The Celtic Cross evolved in its significance and meaning, but continued to represent the light of the world. In the Celtic Cross, the center is the spititual source - here represented by th triskele motif symbolizing the mystical Celtic Trinity. The cross is the cosmic wheel, representing the four seasonal positions of the sun - the four directions, elements, four seasons. The design is inspired by the great wheel-cross of Conbelin at Margam Abbey, South Wales.

Designed by Welsh Artist Jen Delyth, inspired by the Spirit in Nature, Celtic mythology and symbolism. Jen's original Celtic Art work appeals to those who seek meaningful, profound images expressing deep and essential aspects of the Celtic tradition. Jen Delyth’s original Celtic artwork has been widely published and exhibited in North America, back in her native Wales and Internationally. She illustrates the best-selling “Celtic Mandala” calendar, journals and greeting cards, and has created a successful textile and gift line - Keltic Designs by Jen Delyth, that showcases her designs, fine art prints and paintings which have been exhibited with solo and group shows internationally. Also a writer on Celtic Mythology and Symbolism, her book Celtic Folk Soul - Art, Myth & Symbol is compilation of her artwork and writing from over 20 years.

*T-Shirts avaliable in short-sleeve standard unisex sizes only.

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