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Soap Rocks-Earth Tones Variety Pack


Earth Tones 3 pack - This lovely combination of Soap Rocks features hues in browns, creams, blacks, greys, reds, rusts and oranges. Specific selection of Soap Rocks will vary. Each Soap Rock is 4oz to 6oz.

Each Soap Rock is a replica of the earth's precious stones, made from mild extra long-lasting, vegetable glycerin soap. Each variety has its own unique, light aroma. Up to 180 steps are used in the making of each soap, in order to fully reproduce the wonder of the natural gems. Soothe yourself after a long work day. As you bathe, discover the skin care, the freshness, the aroma, the beauty and the soft feel of your skin. Over countless washings, tumble your SoapRock into a polished SoapGem. NO ANIMAL PRODUCTS. TESTED ON HUMAN BEINGS.

The best part...everybody loves them! These make the perfect little gifts for any occasion.

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