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Tsunami T-Shirt


Take a piece of Humboldt home with you! The Northern California Coast is the most tsunami-prone area of the continental United States. In the past 70 years more than 33 tsunamis have been recorded on the north coast. However, most tsunamis are not as damaging as you might think, only four of the 33 actually caused noticeable damages.

Tsunamis are caused by a disruption of water on the ocean floor. The disruption is most commonly caused by an earthquake, but could also be caused by a submarine volcanic explosion. Earthquakes occurring hundreds of miles away can cause a tsunami, as well as earthquakes just off shore. The way the earth moves under the sea dictates which direction the tsunami will travel.


Tsunamis have natural warning signs, including; strong ground shaking that lasts a long time, a loud ocean roar and water receding unusually far, exposing the sea floor. When in a tsunami zone, if the warning signs should occur, get to high ground as quickly as possible, and remain there for several hours. Tsunamis can have many surges that come many minutes or hours apart. Some Tsunamis can last for 8 hours or more!

This shirt was locally designed and printed on quality shirts that will last you years! 


*T-Shirts available in short-sleeve standard unisex sizes only.

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