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Windhorse Tibetan Prayer Flags


The Tibetan Nun Project, established in 1987, provides housing, health care, education and freedom of religious practice for the hundreds of Tibetan nuns fleeing from Chinese prosecution in Tibet. Over 600 nuns are now supported by TNP. The goals of TNP include: preserving Tibetan culture and religious traditions; improving the health and living conditions of the Tibetan nuns in exile; Providing both traditional and modern education for Tibetan women; and establishing self-sufficient Buddhist nunneries. Each purchase of these prayer flags supports Tibetan nuns living in exile.

Featured on this option of prayer flags is the windhorse. The windhorse is the most prevalent symbol used on prayer flags. It represents good fortune and opportunities toward success and happiness. 

Approximately 8½ x 12 inches, 68 inches long (five flags).

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